Next HoR will continue impeachment process if it doesn’t end: Committee members


Kathmanu : Two members in the impeachment recommendation committee have said that the new House of Representatives (HoR) to be formed after the election will conclude impeachment process against Chief Justice (CJ) Cholendra Shumsher Rana if the current one fails to do so.

Nepali Congress (NC) lawmaker Min Bishwokarma has said the committee is working in a way to submit the report now as far as possible. “We had prepared a one-month schedule. But it was crossed in questioning of CJ. We will now work round the clock about the impeachment motion. Study the documents received. We are consulting people who needs to be consulted,” he has added.

He has revealed that the committee will submit the report to Speaker Agni Sapkota who will then present it to the House. “The impeachment motion was registered in the parliament secretariat. This committee was entrusted the responsibility of investigation. The report will be submitted in this House if it exists. Meeting of the next House will give it continuity otherwise.”

He has claimed that the impeachment motion will not be deactivated and suspended CJ Rana will not get to return to duty. “This is an accusation. There will be no clean chit for the accused when discussion is being held about the accusation. There will, therefore, not be a situation of returning to duty after clean chit.”

Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP) lawmaker Pramod Sah has said it will take a long time to work in a way to establish accusations. “Rana has accused many while giving answers. Conclusion cannot be reached by listening to only one side. We will put our recommendations in the committee. We should also listen to those who have been accused. We will prepare report on that basis and submit,” Sah has added. “The committee may not get to submit the report in lack of time. The report may have to be submitted in the next House.”

He has also argued that CJ Rana will not get to return to duty even after the end of the term of this HoR as he will remain accused until he gets a clean chit.

Rana, who is set to retire on December 13, reportedly wishes to return for duty even if for just one day capitalizing on the legal confusion.


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